Mid-century Modern

A beloved apartment in Southeast London. The old kitchen, installed when the flat was built in the late 70s, was not only small but not efficiently planned. The clients brief was to integrate the kitchen into the living area so that it became part of the whole space, increasing the sense of open plan but without the kitchen dominating the room. In a modest apartment, every inch can count - in the kitchen area itself, they were keen to have a dishwasher, a freezer and a tumble drier installed, none of which were previously installed! By removing the wall through which you entered the kitchen, we were able to use the thickness of this to create a pull-out larder and additional cupboards and shelving. Opening up the kitchen wall allowed us to extend cabinetry and shelving along the back of the dining space, which had previously consisted of some boxed-in piping and basic wall-mounted shelving. The clients brilliant idea of ‘flying’ shelves are mostly decorative, but were a way of framing the spaces and tying the scheme and the rooms together.
The simple materials and palette aim to reflect the era of the apartment, using birch ply, flat painted cabinetry, laminate worktops and splash backs, and a bold yellow accent colour to highlight certain areas.

We are delighted with what Armorel have achieved in such a tight space. Tamsin’s commitment to delivering a perfect result, was unwavering, and her knowledge and support, invaluable. Our initial ideas, have been beautifully realised with exquisite detailing and high quality finish. We have gained so much, and the kitchen is now both functional and a real pleasure to use.
J.B & J.F London

Photography by James Balston